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Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Why Hire A Wedding Videographer when i have a photographer.  I mean you will still see all of your moments right? You will always remember what your dad said to you that exact moment he saw his baby girl in her wedding dress. As a bride you will remember the words your spouse said that got you all emotional during your vows right? Someone can always put together a slide show with music and it will be the same right? 


If pictures are worth a thousand words what is a video worth? Furthermore can you hear those words? Hiring an wedding videographer is essential to capturing those special moments of love, fun and beauty. There is no way to replace watching the best day of your life on the screen live before you.

Hiring a videographer for some couples is not considered at the top of the requirement list however, so many couples regret not selecting one once the event is over. Hearing your husband’s special vows, listening to your father’s words of wisdom, and hearing the crowd cheer you on during your first dance are all reasons to have a videographer present on your special day.

Weddings are special beginnings of celebrating two lives coming together as one. This is a never ending story that will last a lifetime and therefore should be captured on film. We will take special care to make sure that we capture and preserve your moments, emotions and feelings on that special day. 

As videographers, we here at Laurin Wilson Films, LLC acknowledge that every couple is unique, therefore we do not utilize previous stories, ideas or templates. We believe in telling your story through a lens specifically used to capture the action. 

Why hire a wedding videographer?

From perfect music to capturing that first look, we as wedding cinematographers focus our skill on each and every detail in order to create the most amazing videos of your life. 

Laurin Wilson Films,LLC is based in Charlotte North Carolina and we also serve destination locations along with areas along the east coast. Whatever your video requires, we will fulfill that need. Although we specialize in wedding videos, we have completed numerous corporate works for various companies and corporations throughout the Carolinas.

No Regrets

-Selecting a videographer allows you to witness every aspect and detail of your event. A wedding is the most amazing day of a bride or groom’s life.

Hearing Everything 

-Videos should never be compared to photographs because both are artistic expressions that serve a specific purpose. Photos capture amazing still moments while videos allow you and your loved ones the ability to treasure the visuals and sounds of your ceremony for generations to come. 

Seeing Things You Missed

-As the bride and groom, you are able to see and feel all aspects of your event or ceremony through your perspective only. Being able to view the details of many unforgettable moments or unseen moments is key to being able to enjoy your entire experience. 

Family Heirloom

-Your wedding video is not only exciting for the couple. It is a special gift for parents, future children and family members who were unable to physically travel to witness your nuptials.

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